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Understanding the 10 Bad Foods with Dr. Peter Glidden, N.D.


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Dr Wallach Reveals what would have been Martin Luther King Jr’s next Project….The Medical System
Somebody should go to jail

11:35 Watson states gene sequencing is irrelevant when searching for a cure for degenerative diseases. Not genetic. 15:25 obesity is not genetic but a nutritional deficiency disease. 18:30 ADD ADHD are not genetic but a nutritional deficiency disease. 19:40 Alzheimer’s disease cases rising and is a physician caused disease and a top 6 killer in the USA. 21:00 stroke becoming more common in children than in senior. Stroke caused by omega-3 deficiency. 33:30 every drug the FDA approved has hadfatal side effects. 39:35 cholesterol no evidence that cholesterol is harmful to human health. HDL high density lipoprotein harmless to health. Statin drugs responsible for Alzheimer’s and dementia. 42:05 Alzheimer’s is the erosion of the myelin insulation in the brain. Cholesterol has nothing to do with heart attacks. 45:10 Mammograms. One mammogram is the equivalent of 500 chest x-rays. Could be the main cause of breast cancer. 47:12 life expectancy is the lowest in the American south east states whereas the mid west and plains states have the highest life expectancy. Fried food the cause of low lifespan. 52:05 Intake of selenium can significantly reduce the risk of cancer and avoiding well done meat. 1:09:10 what kills billionaires. 1:13:30 exercise without supplementation is suicide. Perspiration causes mineral depletion from the body. 1:25:00 US news and world report: who needs doctors?. 1:32:00 exercise won’t cure obesity. 1:55:00 curing diabetes with supplementation. 2:03: 10 high blood pressure is not genetic and not caused by salt intake



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