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I went to the Jimmy the Greek location in the Kingston, ON mall, November 11, 2023 at 2:45 PM and it was the worst experience I have ever had. There was a female staff member whom was East Indian and another young woman with blonde hair. The East Indian woman was extremely rude to us and kept screwing up our food order. She messed up the spinach cheese pie meal twice. The first time she put tzatziki on the meal when she was told that there was an allergy and instead of apologizing she gave us attitude and sighed at us for inconveniencing her. She then proceeded to scrape the tzatziki off of the potatoes and pass the plate to her coworker to cash us out. We had to ask her to remake the plate due to the allergy which she again was mad about. The second time she made the meal she put rice on the plate when she was told no rice. Instead of remaking the plate, she scraped the rice off of the plate and placed it back into the rice tray even though it had salad dressing and hot sauce on it which is absolutely disgusting. Again, we asked for the meal to be remade as the salad had rice all stuck in it. Our daughter also couldn’t eat the spinach pie as it was over cooked and hard as a rock. My spouse and I ordered the falafel meal and again there were issues. My wife didn’t want rice and told the rude staff member this, so again this contaminated rice was scrapped off of the plate and returned into the main rice tray. My wife didn’t ask for her plate to be remade as we were very upset and frustrated. With my meal, I requested no tomatoes on my salad, again this employee didn’t listen and I had to repeat my request. The tomatoes were taken off of my plate and placed back into the tray, contaminated with salad dressing on them. Also, our falafels kept falling off of our plates onto the steel counter which I thought was pretty gross but I thought I would just deal with it given all of these issues. Both my meal and my spouses falafels had hair on them. The first hair, we chalked up to maybe it just being in the air from carrying the tray to our table but then we found more hair. As we were sitting eating our meal I witnessed this same employee with a dirty food bucket with tzatziki in it, placed on the steel counter. A bucket that was on the floor! All of this was extremely unacceptable and unhygienic. Needless to say it was pointless to complain to such a difficult rude staff member so we literally just threw our food in the garbage. I have pictures to prove what I am saying including the employee with the bucket on the food counter. I am out over $40 and was treated with such disrespect I cannot even believe it.



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