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On Friday April 22, 2022 I was working in Brantford and for lunch I decided to go to Jimmy the Greek in Lynden Park Mall. Upon approaching the counter there was an older lady in some form of scarf grilling food on the grill. She abruptly asked if she could help me. I asked for a Chicken souvlaki on a white pita. She was coming across as if I were bothering her.

She got the pita which looked like whole wheat and I asked if if was white and she snapped yes at me. As she made the pita she asked if I wanted Tzatziki to which I said yea please. She put some on the. I asked for extra. She grabbed a spoon and out a large glob on it then proceeded after the fact to tell me it was an extra $1.25. Seeing as it was already on the pita I had no choice. She put the remaining lettuce, and onions on it. She then asked if I wanted to cheese. I said yes please. As she was putting the cheese on it she said that’s an extra $1.25 also so I said stop I do t want the cheese.

She had a younger girl cash me out who also was not at all personable and when giving me my food it seemed like I needed a catchers mitt as the food wasn’t handed over appropriately, it was more thrown at me. Upon eating the said pita once I got towards the middle of it, the chicken appeared quite pink and under cooked. I got busy at work or would have returned to ask for a refund. I was too mortified at the service I had already received and was going to contact Brant County Public Health but just decided to toss the food.

Everyone has bad days but this was completely appalling.

Now I believe the franchisee should be aware of this situation and if this individual herself is the franchisee she should be ashamed of herself.

I will not at all visit this location again, I would hope some form of refund or compensation to be used at a different location would offered here. Please feel free to contact me via email only at malmon@gmail.com

Thank you



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