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Hi Jimmy,

Today June 27th, 2022 at 2:45pm my wife Jacklyne was excited to purchase a lunch from Jimmy the Greek at the Dixie Mall food court in Mississauga.

Unfortunately, due to an appalling and disgusting display of brutish and savage apelike behavior from your staff at this location we are left with no choice but to boycott all locations and recommend our friends and family and social media followings do the same.

Allow me to explain. Jackelyne purchased a lunch special and 2 drinks for $18.85 and paid with her debit card. Due to an error on your end with your debit machine or provider (this part is beyond my conception), the transaction was processed but apparently not reflected on your end. The staff member begrudgingly told her to pay again and being the good-natured cheerful person that she is, she complied. After paying $38 for a 19$ meal the staff member continued to coerce her to try to pay again for a third time, wasting her valuable time and causing her frustration and sadness. We are unclear if the third debit transaction went through so in effect, she paid ~$60 for her $19 meal. The staff member left her a handwritten note telling her to ‘wait 72 hours and come back for a refund’ which is outrageous.

When Jacklyne explained this to me, I approached the counter to discuss why she had been charged 3 times for the same meal. Your staff member immediately became hostile and accused us of not paying for the meal. I requested that they refund the $38 and showed them the money leaving her account on her phone having to log into her private bank account to do so which I am obviously uncomfortable doing. She attempted to tell me that I was showing her money going in and that I owed them another $19 still and that the transactions were never approved in the face of clear evidence showing the opposite. I showed her the hand written note and she told me that we are to “wait 72 hours and then get etransfered from the location” I obviously became suspicious of this and accused them of trying to scam us and our hard earned money. This is where I was called a “piece of shit” by your staff and told to “go fuck myself” and that I “should be ashamed of myself” for accusing them of robbing us. At this point it became clear to me that your employees are incapable of reasonable dialog so I left humiliated and upset.

We are in the process now of calling our bank to see if we can have the transactions reversed, having to take time out of our busy days to also write you this letter. Needless to say this will be the last time anyone close to us visits your establishment, but I am curious if this is the level of service and professionalism by which you train your staff.


Sam Gainer



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